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NovaBACKUP Professional 15

Powerful WINDOWS BACKUP software
for PCs, laptops and workstations.

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NovaBACKUP Voted #1 Backup Software by Top Ten Reviews

NovaBACKUP Server Backup Software

NovaBACKUP Server 15

Complete server BACKUP software for Windows 2012/R2, 2011, 2008 & 2003 Servers.

  • Complete, Affordable Server Backup — file level, image/disaster recovery, and online backup all in one! Plus huge cost savings.
  • Fast Backup — file backup and disaster recovery creation is fast and easy with local and online storage options.
  • Includes FREE Support — now includes Setup Assistance, phone-in tech support and free upgrades.
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NovaBACKUP Business Essentials

NovaBACKUP Business Essentials 15

BACKUP software for Windows Servers. Supports Exchange, SQL, VMware and Hyper-V Servers.

  • Industry Price Leader — cost hundreds less than the competition without sacrificing any key features or benefits.
  • Industry Best Disaster Recovery — true Universal Restore included. Disaster Recovery and Boot Disk creation is fast and easy.
  • Fast Backup with FREE Support — fast local and online data backup using Industry Best Practices. Plus free Setup Assistance, phone support and upgrades.
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Want to centrally manage your software? Then you need:

NovaBACKUP NAS Starter 15

BACKUP software for Multi Server Networks with NAS. Includes Central Management + 3 Professional + 1 Server License.

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What's New in NovaBACKUP 15?

  • Windows 8.1 / Windows 2012 R2 Ready
    Move to the new Microsoft operating system with confidence.
  • Setup Assistance Included
    NovaBACKUP Server, Business Essentials and NAS products now come with free setup assistance and free phone support.
  • More Secure Universal Restore
    Military-grade encryption on Disaster Recovery for a more secure Universal Restore.
  • Direct Streaming for Backups without Staging
    Up to 400% faster backups for SQL, Exchange, VMware & Hyper-V.
  • New Search Functionality
    It's now easier than ever to get your questions answered with our new in-product search box.
  • Improved Intelligence, Logging and Reporting
    Make the most out of your backup strategies with deep, yet easy to understand, reports, and logs that allows you to better track the success of your backups.



3 Million NovaBACKUP Downloads
3 Million Downloads and Counting!

Key Benefits:

  • Backup is Quick and Easy
    Make your first backup in minutes with easy-to-use wizards. Plug and play support for DVD/CD/Blue-Ray/USB, local and network drives, FTP and more, plus online storage options.
  • Affordable and Competitive
    Costs up to 85% less than the competition with more robust features.
  • Automatic Backup Protection and Recovery
    Schedule weekly Full Backups and daily Incremental Backups to automatically maximize your backup efficiency.
  • Complete Disaster Recovery
    Full true-image disaster recovery. Create a snap shot of your entire system to preserve your data in the event of corruption, loss or hard drive failure.

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